Common Name: Species: Varieties:
Marathon® Tall Fescue
Festuca Arundinacea
Hubbard 87, Baja®

Marathon® combines the best of both worlds in terms of beauty and durability. It is a 100% tall fescue blend of both the Hubbard 87 and Baja varieties both of which are exclusive to Southland Sod Farms, and the result of multiple generations of selective breeding. Primary selection criteria were dark color, dense crown, disease resistance and fine leaf texture. Hubbard 87 has been ranked #1 in overall Turf Quality in the USDA-sponsored National Turfgrass Evaluation Program for three consecutive years.

Until 1992, Baja (Southland’s first generation dwarf) was the main component of Marathon II®. Based on current state-of-the-art breeding standards, Baja would now be considered a semi-dwarf. During its tenure in Marathon II®, Baja has proven itself through the sales of millions of square feet of sod. By shifting it to Marathon®, we are able to continue to take advantage of its excellent performance. It is an ideal blend component with Hubbard 87. The two varieties complement one another in physical characteristics, and the blend eliminates the potential effect of individual weaknesses, which are sometimes a risk with monocultures.

Marathon Sod carries a One Year Free Replacement Guarantee contingent upon proper installation and minimum level of maintenance.