Marathon Lite

Common Name: Species: Varieties:
Marathon Lite® Dwarf Tall Fescue
Festuca Arundinacea
Hubbard 87, Baja

Marathon Lite® is a hydroponically grown soil-less tall fescue sod. It weighs slightly more than one half as much as field-grown sod, and the pieces are approximately 60% larger (2′ x 4′). It starts as a mixture of seed, composted green waste, and bark chips spread about 1/2″ thick on a plastic barrier sheet. As the sod grows, the roots are forced by the barrier to lie horizontally, thus forming a naturally interwoven mat. When mature, the sod is simply cut into sections and lifted off the plastic sheet. All of the roots remain intact, thereby avoiding any harvest set-back.

Because the sod is grown hydroponically, we are able to control the growth media, water, and nutrients very precisely to achieve optimum levels. This ideal environment results in a much higher plant density than in field-grown sod production. The effect is to significantly enhance the sod’s beauty by creating a much denser, lower, finer-textured appearance, even though the variety (Hubbard 87 Baja) is the same used in Marathon field-grown sod. For a description of the varietal characteristics, refer to the Marathon Sod/Seed specification sheet.

Marathon Lite Sod carries a One Year Free Replacement Guarantee contingent upon proper installation and minimum level of maintenance.