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What's Bugging You?  Grubs

White grubs are damaging pests that begin invading lawns in early spring and again in summer. Grubs do their damage below ground, so the problem often goes undetected until too late. Beetle grubs can turn a fine looking lawn into a patchwork quilt of yellow spots. In addition, birds and other animals will often start digging up your lawn looking for the tasty grubs to feed on.

The grubs are actually larvae of beetles and other insects; most are C-shaped and off-white with a dark head.

There are several types of grubs that are capable of damaging lawns, with two life cycles in a year. When you have grubs, the damaged areas of grass can be easily lifted, and many times the grubs can be seen feeding on the edge of the healthy grass in the damaged area.

We carry beneficial nematodes as a natural control. They are safe for use around beneficial insects (as well as children and pets), unlike poisons, and will do an excellent job of getting rid of grubs.

There are also chemical products that are very effective for a grub problem, but only at certain times of year.

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