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Deciduous Fruit Trees


All-in-One (Semi-Dwarf) - Medium to large fruit. Soft shelled with sweet good quality kernels. Its heavy production restricts growth so that some classify the tree as semi-dwarf to 15 ft. Self-fertile. #1 almond for home orchards. Chilling hours: 500, Ripens: Late September/Early October


Anna ** (Semi-Dwarf) – Light greenish-yellow skin with slight red blush. Sweet, slightly tart, crisp, flavorful, creamy white flesh. Large fruit. Bears heavy crops. Good flavor fresh from the tree. Stores well. Produces at an early age. Requires a pollenizer, such as Dorsett Golden. Chilling hours: 200-300, Ripens: Mid/Late June


Dorsett Golden ** (a.k.a. Golden Dorsett) (Semi-Dwarf) – Outstanding sweet apple for warm winter areas. Yellow skin with orange-red blush. Firm, smooth, crisp flesh with sweet-tart flavor. Very flavorful. Medium to large fruit. Does well in very mild winter areas. Good eating.  It is a good pollenizer for Anna. Developed from Golden Delicious. Self-fertile. Chilling hours: 100, Ripens: July


Fuji ** (Semi-Dwarf) – Reddish-green skin. Firm, very crisp, juicy, white flesh with excellent flavor. Medium fruit. A favorite eating apple. Excellent pollenizer for other apples. Self-fertile. Chilling hours: 350-400, Ripens: September


4-in-1 Combo (See Specialty Combos)


Flavor Giant (Semi-Dwarf) – Extremely large, sweet, tart, flavorful fruit. Very heavy crop. Freestone. Self-fertile. Chilling hours: 350-400, Ripens: Late May


Gold Kist (Semi-Dwarf) – Very heavy producer.  Excellent sweet, tart flavor. Very good eating. Freestone. Self-fertile. Chilling hours: 300, Ripens: Mid May


Royal (Semi-Dwarf) – Medium to large, oval fruit. Yellow skin with orange cheeks.  Pale orange flesh.  Firm, juicy, sweet, delicious flavor. Great fresh, canned & dried. Self-fertile. Chilling hours: 400, Ripens: Late June /Early July

Aprium (Apricot-Plum hybrid)

Flavor Delight (Semi-Dwarf) – Sweet, bright yellow fruit. Resembles an apricot but with a distinctive flavor and texture all of its own. 2” in diameter. Bigger crops if pollinated by another apricot. Chilling hours: 600, Ripens: Early June


Lapins - Dark red cherry. Large, firm fruit. Sweet flavor. It is resistant to cracking. Self-fertile. Chilling hours: 800, Ripens: June


Minnie Royal - Medium-sized red cherry. Firm with good flavor. Mainly used as a pollinizer for Royal Lee. Chilling hours: 400-500, Ripens: Early May


Royal Lee - Medium to large sized red cherry. Heart shaped. Very firm with excellent flavor. Pollinated by Minnie Royal. Chilling hours: 400-500, Ripens: Late May


Royal Rainier - Large yellow cherry with slightly more red blush than Rainier. Excellent flavor, taste test winner. Ripens early, about 3 to 5 days ahead of Ranier. Pollenizer required - cross compatible with Lapins. Heavy producer. Chilling hours: 600, Ripens: Mid May


Fig trees bear continually throughout the summer and into the fall. Drought tolerant. All are self-fertile.

Black Jack (Semi-Dwarf) – Large, long, purplish fruit. Strawberry red flesh. Sweet and juicy flavor. Heavy producer. Tree is a natural semi-dwarf and can be kept less than 6-8 ft. tall. Chilling hours: 100, Ripens: June to August


Black Mission (Standard) – Medium to large, pear shaped fruit. Purplish-black colored skin. Strawberry colored flesh. Good flavor. Good fresh, dried or canned. Heavy bearing. It can produce two crops in one year. Long-lived, large tree. Chilling hours: 100, Ripens: June & August - November


Brown Turkey (Standard) – Medium to large, bell shaped fruit. Purplish-brown skin. Light pink colored flesh. Sweet tasting. It is best eaten fresh. Large tree. Chilling hours: 100, Ripens: August & November


Kadota (Standard) – This is the commercial canning variety. An excellent, yellow-white fruit. Amber colored skin. Use for canning, fresh eating or drying. Bears twice a year. Chilling hours: 100, Ripens: August & November


Jujube - Shiny, reddish-brown, date like fruit. Sweet, apple flavor. Needs hot summer for fruit to ripen. It has an attractive silhouette producing clusters of yellow flowers. A good decorative tree. A small tree can grow up to 10-15 ft. tall in about 15 years. Chilling hours are 100. Ripens in fall.


Lang (Standard) – Pear shaped, 1 ½ inches long fruit. Ripens later than Li. Better to fully ripen on tree to full mahogany color for best flavor. A more upright grower than Li.


Contorted (Standard) – Round-shaped. Reddish-brown when ripe, eaten firm and crunchy or room-dried to date-like chewy sweetness. Partly self-fruitful or pollinated by Lang. Branching structure is twisted and contorted.

Nectarine   All are self-fertile.

Desert Delight (Semi-Dwarf) – Large fruit with bright red skin and yellow flesh. Delicious, rich, nectarine flavor. Self-fertile. Chilling hours: 200 hours, Ripens: Mid June


Goldmine (Semi-Dwarf) –White skin with red blush. Juicy, aromatic, sweet, white flesh. Excellent flavor. Medium fruit. Freestone. Vigorous and very productive. Chilling hours: 400, Ripens: Early August


Panamint ** (Semi-Dwarf) –Rich red skin. Juicy, golden-yellow flesh. Aromatic & intensely flavored. Medium to large fruit. Freestone. Vigorous and productive. Chilling hours: 250, Ripens: Late July


Snow Queen (Semi-Dwarf) – Sweet, juicy white fruit. Medium to large fruit. Ripens 2-3 weeks ahead of Babcock peach. Freestone. Chilling hours: 250-300 hours, Ripens: Late June


Dwarf Southernbelle –Yellow skin with red blush and yellow flesh. Very large fruit. Very productive. Freestone. The tree height is 5 ft. tall. Chilling hours: 300, Ripens: Early August

Peach -  All are self-fertile

August Pride (Semi-Dwarf) –Large fruit with yellow skin and flesh. Sweet, aromatic, rich flavor. Freestone. Chilling hours: 275, Ripens: August


Babcock ** (Semi-Dwarf) –Blushed red skin with little fuzz. Sweet, juicy white flesh. Very high scoring in taste tests. Medium, round fruit. Freestone. Heavy bearing. Chilling hours: 350-450, Ripens: Early July


Fei-Cheng Tao **(Standard) – Red cheeked skin. White flesh, similar to Babcock. Strong aroma, firm flesh. Freestone. Heavy bearer. Chilling hours: 450, Ripens: Early July


Giant Babcock ** (Semi-Dwarf) –Red skin. White flesh with streaks of red. Sweet, aromatic and juicy. Very large fruit. Freestone. Very productive. Chilling hours: 500, Ripens: July


May Pride (Semi-Dwarf) – Delicious, sweet, tangy flavor. Very large fruit. Large, showy pink blossoms. Chilling hours: 175 – 200, Ripens: May


Red Baron ** (Semi-Dwarf) –Yellow skin and yellow flesh. Sweet and juicy flavor. Large fruit. Freestone. Large beautiful, double red blossoms cover the tree for several weeks in early spring. Chilling hours: 400, Ripens: August


Santa Barbara ** (Semi-Dwarf) – Sweet, delicious flavor. Fine, melting texture. Large fruit. Yellow skin with red blush. Yellow flesh.  Freestone. Chilling hours: 300, Ripens: Early to Mid July


Dwarf Southern Flame – Yellow skin with red blush. Firm, crisp, melting, yellow flesh. Good eating quality and aroma. Large fruit. Freestone. The tree height is 5 ft. tall. Chilling hours: 400, Ripens: Late July


4-in-1 Combo (See Specialty Combos)

Asian Pear

Hosui (Standard) –Brownish-orange russet skin. Juicy, sweet, flavorful, fine textured flesh. Crisp and refreshing like an apple. Medium to large fruit. Requires a pollenizer, such as 20th Century. Chilling hours: 450, Ripens: August


20th Century ** (Semi-Dwarf) –Thin, yellow-green skin. Firm, juicy, cream-white flesh. Good for fresh eating and canning. Crisp and refreshing like an apple. Medium, round fruit. Heavy bearing. Self-fertile.  Chilling hours: 400, Ripens: Late July to Mid August


4-in-1 Combo (See Specialty Combos)


Western Schley (Standard) – Soft shell. Rich flavored nut. Heavy producer at an early age. Large tree. Excellent for Southern California deserts and higher altitudes. Semi self-fertile. Ripens: Early to Mid October

Persimmon – All are self-fertile

Coffecake™ (Standard) –Flat-shape with orange skin and orange flesh flecked with brown. Unique spicy-sweet flavor. Flat-shaped and non-astringent. Chilling hours: 200, Ripens: Early to Mid Fall


Fuyu Imoto (Standard) –Reddish brown skin. Large, round, flattened fruit. Smooth texture. Non-astringent. Chilling hours: 200, Ripens: November


Fuyu Jiro (Standard) – Reddish orange skin. Large, round, flattened fruit. Good eating. Heavy producer. Non-astringent. Chilling hours: 200, Ripens: November


Giant Fuyu (Standard) – Dark orange skin. Sweet and flavorful. Smooth texture. Very large, round to semi oblong fruit. Firm when ripe but softens quickly. Non-astringent. Chilling hours: 200, Ripens: November


Hachiya (Standard) –Bright orange-red skin, covered with dark blotches. Sweet, rich excellent quality. Very large fruit. Oblong with a short point. Largest and best cooking quality. Astringent until soft ripe. Self-fertile. Chilling hours: 200, Ripens: November


Izu (Fancy Fuyu) (Standard) – Medium, round fruit. Excellent taste. Very sweet and tasty. Non-astringent. Self-fertile. Chilling hours: 100, Ripens: September


Beauty ** (Semi-Dwarf) –Red skin. Amber flesh tinged with red. Sweet and flavorful. Large fruit. Self-fertile. Good pollenizer. Strong, vigorous tree. Chilling hours: 250, Ripens: Early – Mid June


Burgundy ** (Semi-Dwarf) Maroon-colored skin and flesh. Sweet flavor with little or no tartness. Small pit. Very productive. Red Japanese plum. Narrow, upright habit. Self-fertile. Chilling hours: 250-350, Ripens: Early July


Green Gage ** (Semi-Dwarf) – Round, medium, yellow green fruit. Firm, greenish-yellow flesh. Sweet, aromatic and a bit tart. Chilling hours: 500, Ripens: Mid July


Mariposa (Standard) –Purplish-red skin. Blood red flesh.  Large fruit. Juicy and sweet. Small pit, nearly freestone.  Needs a pollenizer, such as Beauty or Santa Rosa. Chilling hours: 400-500, Ripens: Late June to Early August


Santa Rosa ** (Semi-Dwarf) –Purplish-red skin. Firm flesh, yellow to dark red near skin. Large, oval fruit.  Rich, tart flavor. Self-fertile. Chilling hours: 400, Ripens: Mid June


Satsuma ** (Semi-Dwarf) – Large, nearly round fruit. Dark, solid red skin. Sweet, juicy, firm, dark red flesh to pit. Excellent for jam. Needs a pollenizer, such as Beauty or Santa Rosa. Chilling hours: 300, Ripens: Late July to Early August


4-in-1 Combo (See Specialty Combos)

Pluot (Plum-Apricot hybrid)

Flavor Grenade – Elongated green fruit with a red blush. Crisp texture and explosive flavor. Taste test winner. Hangs on the tree for 4-6 weeks. Requires a pollenizer like Santa Rosa. Chilling hours: 500-600, Ripens: August


Flavor King – Reddish-purple skin. Sweet red flesh. Taste test winner. Remarkable, spicy bouquet and flavor. Naturally small tree. Requires a pollenizer like Santa Rosa. Chilling hours: 500-600, Ripens: Mid August


4-in-1 Combo (See Specialty Combos)


Early Wonderful – Extra large fruit. Blushed red skin. Red flesh. Delicious and tangy. Shrub or tree, grows up to 20 ft. tall. Chilling hours: 150, Ripens: September


Eversweet – Very sweet, red-skinned, nearly skinless. The clear juice does not stain. Showy orange flowers. 8-10’ arching shrub. Chilling hours: 150, Ripens: August - October

Specialty Combos

These trees are for mild climate areas like ours. Enjoy different flavors all on one tree. Get longer fruit production. Space saver.

Apple (4-in-1)                                                    

Dwarf Nectarine & Peach (2-in-1)

Nectarine & Peach (3-in-1) Showy Flowers

Peach (4-in-1)

Asian Pear (4-in-1)

Plum (4-in-1)

Pluot (4-in-1)    


CHILLING HOURS refers to the number of hours, 45°F and under, during the dormancy period. These hours are cumulative and need not be continuous. All fruit and nut trees need a specific amount of chilling hours before they will produce fruit.

**Also available as EZ-Pick. EZ-Pick is a pruning system started in the growing fields to create a fruit tree that is branched lower to make it EZ to pick fruit. These trees are not dwarfs. They have been pruned when young to keep low branching structure. It must be pruned each year in the summer & winter, to keep the size small.





Berries, Grapes & Vegetables



Improved Green Globe - Productive. Good flavor. Harvest in summer. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil. Protect from frost.



U.C. 72 - Large, uniform stalks. High production, disease tolerant. Rust resistant & somewhat drought tolerant. Harvest in late spring to early summer. Plant in fertile, well-drained soil. Full sun.



Black Satin- Thornless. Medium to large black berries. Honey sweet flavor. Bears fruit in summer. Semi-erect habit. Very disease resistant. Plant 2-4' apart in 6-9' rows. Needs well-drained soil.


Ollalie - Large, shiny black, firm berry. Sweet flavor. Bears fruit in early summer. Very productive. Trailing habit. Plant 2-4' apart in 6-9' rows. Needs well-drained soil.


Blueberry  all blueberries require acidic, well-drained, humus rich soil.

Misty - Small to medium sized berries. Bears a heavy crop earlier than all the rest (May) with a second small harvest in the fall. Care should be taken to not let Misty overbear. Yields best when planted with other blueberries.


O’Neal - Large, firm fruit. Sweet & flavorful. 5-6' tall. Upright habit. Self-fertile. Ripens early summer.


Ozark Blue - Large fruit. Light blue fruit. Performs well in areas with high summer heat. Outstanding flavor. 5’+ tall.


Sunshine Blue - Small berries with a good tangy flavor producing over an extended period. It easily overbears & should be heavily pruned & thinned or fruit will be very small. 3' tall. Ripens May-June.


Boysenberry - Large, non-shiny reddish-black colored berry. Soft, very juicy, sweet-tart flavor. Dark green foliage, dusty bloom w/medium to large thorns. Good for canning, freezing & eating fresh. Ripens in June.


Thornless – same as above with the added benefit of no thorns.




California Concord - Blue-black grape. Large, oblong, seeded fruit. Sweet flavor. Good for table, juice and jelly. Ripens in September.


Crimson Seedless - Red, firm, crisp grapes. Sweetly tart, almost spicy, flavor. Medium, seedless fruit. Ripens August.


Fantasy - Blue-black skin with pale green flesh. Thin-skinned and firm. Large, seedless fruit. Excellent sweet flavor. Stores well. Ripens in Early August.


Golden Muscat - Golden-green skin. Large, seeded fruit. Sweet flavor. Table and wine grape. Ripens August.


Kyoho - Purplish-black grape. Very large fruit. Sweet flavor. Ripens September.


Thompson Seedless - Greenish-white to golden skin. Medium, seedless fruit. Sweet flavor. Table and wine grape. Ripens Early August.



Heritage - Large red fruit. Very firm. Excellent quality. Everbearing. Vigorous canes. 5 - 6' long. Needs well-drained, slightly acid soil. In heavy clay soils plant in raised beds. Full sun.



Victoria Cherry - Deep red, heavy, thick stalks. Tart flavor. Excellent for pies, sauces & canning. Needs well-drained soil & afternoon shade.